5 Stages of Digital Transformation

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Digital Transformation is about how we use digital technology to solve traditional problems. It modifies company process and activities that positively impact entire industries and their customers. It requires leadership buy-in and multiple departments within a company to cohesively participate. It is a process that moves a company from a traditional operation to a fully integrated environment with critical stepping stones along the way.

At I-ology, we help companies grow through our 5 stages of Digital Transformation.

5 Stages of Digital Transformation Infographic
    1. Traditional
      A company that does not have a Digital Transformation strategy.
    2. Emerging
      A company that has a basic digital strategy and is performing a minimal amount of digital improvements.
    3. Growth
      A company is working on improving their digital presence, processes, and tools. There is a clear effort within the company to continue developing their digital efforts.
    4. Sophisticated
      A company is continuously working on their Digital Transformation roadmap and has a semi-integration system
    5. Fully Integrated
      A company is agile and reaching the peak of their Digital Transformation. They are maintaining their efforts and strategizing how to keep ahead of the trends.

These 5 stages allow a company to make incremental digital changes that can scale up to a fully integrated organization. Not every company will fully identify within a single stage, instead part of the organization may be further along the digital transformation than other parts. Identifying where a company lies within this spectrum will help asses its current state, and is the first step in the process towards Digital Transformation.

A critical success factor is having a committed digital partner to help guide and collaborate on a new digital initiative for your organization.

Need help with your Digital Transformation? Contact us for an initial consultation on how we can help your company digitally transform.

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