We create digital experiences that your customers will love

Our clients realize that digital strategy is paramount to their future. They recognize the challenges of investing both time and capital to effectively build the internal capabilities necessary to accelerate business growth. Digital business acceleration is critical to successfully meeting the needs of today’s consumer.

I-ology can provide your organization with a fully developed, experienced digital team to help meet those needs, which includes:

  • Digital Transformation® Consulting
  • Digital Strategic Planning
  • Web-Based Application Development & API Integration
  • User Experience Design
  • Front-End Engineering & Back-End Platform Integration
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We partner to augment internal digital capabilities and accelerate your business growth. Whether you are ready for digitalization or digital transformation®, we can help co-create, develop, and deploy that strategy.

How we work


The process of using digital technology, and the impact it has on business operations (e.g. digitalization of a process). Digitalization is often an incremental improvement or an adaptation of an existing and non digital process that increases efficiency.

Digital Transformation®

A digital-first approach encompassing all aspects of business, regardless of whether it concerns a digital business or not. Digital transformation® is designing new ways of doing things that generate new sources of value. It is more related to effectiveness. It leads to the creation of entirely new markets and businesses.

How we work


Plan with evolution in mind. Identify unique user personas, and meet the digital needs of your online audiences.


We help you evaluate, research, and leverage technology to expand your organization’s digital footprint.


Deliver user-centric projects on time and on budget, through experienced team discipline and passionate commitment.


We create digital assets that further engage your audiences and build brand loyalty, while empowering your internal team(s) to manage those assets.


Digital excellence is about making continual improvement, to meet and exceed your customers digital experience.


We use data to analyze results and continually improve the user experience, and deliver ongoing ROI.

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