What Happens After Launching A Website?

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Launching a new website is filled with excitement and a sense of accomplishment. However, the hard work and dedication to your digital efforts do not end there. Continuous enhancements are one of the most overlooked components, yet it is one of the most critical steps.

You do not want to build a premium website and have it become stagnant in an ever-changing digital world. Rather, you want to grow your digital presence through your website and evolve with the industry. Ongoing enhancements, monitoring, reporting, and strategy result in a high performing, highly trafficked website that allows the maximum return on your investment.

Here are four specific reasons why continuous enhancements are critical to an organization’s Digital Transformation® journey.

What Happens After Launching Your Website Infographic
  1. Maintain Quality SEO Performance
    Content is king when it comes to SEO. Search engines are critical to driving organic traffic to websites. The largest factor in drawing user visibility within search engines is to continuously publish relevant content. The more frequently a website is updated, the more often search engines need to crawl the website. This leads to higher search ranking and more opportunities to rank for specific keywords.
  2. Security
    It is critical to keep the software programs and the CMS system that fuels any website current with the latest security features and updates. Maintaining software components will increase the security of the website and ensure that the software stays current.
  3. Further Digital Transformation & Growth of Digital Goals
    Your digital presence should not be static. Continuous enhancements allow you to understand your website’s performance. Capturing and analyzing detailed data is critical in making informed business decisions and creating strategic goals.
  4. Website Enhancements
    The website needs to be consistently optimized for conversions. It is important to continue building features that meet the evolving needs of your customers. In addition to feature updates, new functionality should also be developed to enhance the user experience, streamlines processes, and increases conversions.

At I-ology, continuous enhancements is a philosophy baked into our development methodology. From optimization, ongoing enhancements, reporting and analysis, monitoring, and integrated digital campaigns and strategies, we continuously work with you to ensure success through digital solutions.

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