I-ology Wins 2021 Umbraco Award

By June 22, 2021February 9th, 2023No Comments

We are honored to announce that I-ology has been awarded the 2021 Umbraco Award for Best Healthcare Solution! It is incredibly exciting to be recognized by our CMS partner Umbraco for the innovative work our team completed with Sonora Quest Laboratories.

The Umbraco Awards recipients are selected from an international pool of nominees, as the Umbraco platform is utilized on a global scale. The search for the winner in this category was focused on how industry-specific knowledge translates into digital solutions that lift the healthcare sector to new heights.

Regarding our work on and their innovative new appointment scheduling process, Umbraco called it:

“A fantastic example of digitization with impressive functionality. Scheduling and calendar integration with appointment and lab results notifications and integrated online pay. Beautifully designed with the user in mind.”

We value the opportunity to create impactful digital products for our clients in the healthcare industry, and look forward to another year of building innovative Umbraco solutions!

Umbraco is a high quality, secure, and scalable Content Management System (CMS) which is leveraged for exponential growth of your digital assets. I-ology is an active Umbraco Gold Partner, which provides us the ability to provide our Clients with advanced Umbraco support, training, and expertise.

Umbraco award winner for Best Healthcare Solution