6 Factors in Developing a Digital Strategy

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Developing a comprehensive digital strategy is not an easy process. At I-ology, we help organizations develop their digital strategy by using these 6 key factors.

  1. Understand your target audience and develop user personas as a base for the strategy
    Research target audience(s) and engagement with your brand. Discover high, middle, and low performing areas by understanding audience interaction. Create user personas that represent attributes for key target audiences.
  2. Create a succinct digital vision and set specific goals
    Develop a digital vision that aligns with your organization’s goals and impact on the business. Collaborate with organizational leadership to crystalize that vision. Create 2-4 quantifiable goals within a 3 to 5 year period that will lead your organization towards the vision.
  3. Develop a digital roadmap that intersects marketing & technology projects
    Create a 1-year digital plan that describes the tactics that will be used to achieve your goals. Produce the best results by aligning your digital strategy and business roadmap that complement one another. Prioritize both marketing and technology projects which are aligned to create a holistic portfolio of projects that can save on costs and not duplicate efforts.
  4. Execute on projects that increase operational efficiency & drive customer acquisition & retention
    Discover opportunities that will streamline both your internal operations and optimize customer interactions with the organization. These projects aim to save on overhead costs and increase customer satisfaction. Plan your resources with your departments to schedule how each project will be executed. Collaborate to determine how each project will be carried out and measured successfully to reach your goals and vision. Utilize technology to elevate marketing campaigns and focus on cohesively promoting your call to action, message, and brand.
  5. Establish Digital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
    Tie meaningful and specific metrics that indicate the performance of your projects and tactics, and tie back to the digital vision. Focus on areas that allow the organization to move the needle on digital success. Know how measurement will be tracked and analyzed before project launches. Start monitoring before launch so you have a baseline to measure against.
  6. Find a reliable and seasoned Digital Partner
    It is not easy to manage your entire digital strategy. A digital partner, like I-ology, can help you every step along the way. I-ology’s team specializes in helping organizations create and execute a digital strategy. Our team can create a wide range of digital solutions and reports analyzing the success and growth of your organization.

If you have a project or further interest in creating a digital strategy for your company please contact us.

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